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  1. a fine mist-like evening rain

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The Serein is a river of eastern France. It is the main waterway of the Chablis wine district in Burgundy.

Origin of the name

Serein is the French word for "serene". This may reflect the placid nature of its course, or the strong monastic tradition in the area.


The Serein is only navigable by small boats and barges.


The Serein rises in the Auxois] hills at Arconcey and flows north-north-west into the Yonne at Bassou. Both the A6 Autoroute du Soleil and the Paris-Lyon railway line follow a similar route through the area.

Main tributaries of the Serein and their length

  • Crioux (R) - 0 km
  • Brechain (R) - 0 km
  • Beine (L) - 0 km
  • Fontenay (R) - 0 km
note: R=Right L=Left

Départements and towns crossed

From source to mouth:


The history of the area is dominated by the Church at Pontigny and nearby Auxerre, whose remit extended to building the famous castle at Noyers.

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